How to manage water resources? Is it just a matter of matching supplies to demands? Should water and its quality be recognised for its wider role in life? How to prepare public decisions on water, which are widely supported yet affordable? Questions without easy answers as interests, ideas and stakeholders diverge.

Kees Blok works on such questions and combines insights in technical aspects – and in socio-economic and institutional contexts – with experience in communication and participation.

Example 29

How can the Government of Swaziland and the International Fund for Agricultural Development improve incomes and nutrition of smallholder farmers?

Kees Blok coordinates the formulation of the Smallholder Market-Led Project, which invests in market linkages, community planning and land and water conservation; with the aim to enable smallholder producers to provide their surplus production to existing markets. This is part of a larger drive to improve the lot of smallholder producers by transforming the agricultural sector.